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NBA 2K18
360 | PS3 | PC | XBO | PS4 | Switch

Basically, NBA 2K18... has recently had its loot boxes declared "illegal gambling" by the government of Belgium - Details

Pokémon Trading Card Game Online
PC | iPad | Android

Basically, Pokémon Trading Card Game Online... turns your real Pokémon cards into virtual ones. - Details

Shovel Knight
Switch | PS3 (Digital) | PC | 3DS | Vita | 3DS (Digital) | Wii U | Vita (Digital) | XBO | PS4

Basically, Shovel Knight... added multiple full-length campaigns for existing owners for free, then later on gave newcomers the option to buy them piecemeal. Nintendo versions feature Amiibo support. - Details

Little Nightmares
PC | XBO | PS4 | Switch

Basically, Little Nightmares... sells 3 extra levels and a couple of costumes - Details

Yakuza Kiwami 2
PS4 | PC | XBO

Basically, Yakuza Kiwami 2... sells a smattering of powerful characters for its "Clan Creator"-game mode, though none of it is really connected to the main game - Details

No Man's Sky
Switch | PC | XBO | PS4

Basically, No Man's Sky... Came out as a mess, but with the developers constantly supporting the game with updates its actually quite fun and for ps4 players a nice bargain.  - Details

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
PC | XBO | PS4 | Switch

Basically, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy... has two extra downloadable levels, both of which are now free - Details

Sonic Mania
Switch | PC | XBO | PS4

Basically, Sonic Mania... has a single $5 expansion, though it is included by default for physical copies - Details

Middle-earth: Shadow of War
PS4 | PC | XBO

Basically, Middle-earth: Shadow of War... took the unique selling point of its predecessor and shoved it in a loot box, then removed the loot boxes once they realized that everyone hates loot boxes - Details

Jurassic World Evolution
PC | XBO | PS4 | Switch

Basically, Jurassic World Evolution... is a dino park building game. - Details

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