Submission Guide

If you want to submit an entry for a game, all you need to do is search for the game, scroll to the bottom, and select Submit/Edit Rating. When you send in a new or edited entry, it will be reviewed by site moderators before being accepted. Grammar and spelling may be edited. You do not need an account, and we do not collect any personal data. To prevent abuse, we temporarily store a cryptographically hashed version of your IP address - this allows us to suspend abusive users without ever needing to know who they are. Read more about our commitment to privacy.



Select all tags that are relevant to the game, according to our Tag Guidelines.


Basically, this game…

Finish the sentence with a short overview of the game's microtransactions. This should either summarize the detailed description or highlight something particularly notable. Clever or funny quips are accepted, but aren't necessary.

  • "Basically, Team Fortress 2... has a myriad of ways to spend money on iPod earbuds"
  • "Basically, Bloodborne... has a beefy, paid expansion and nothing else"

Detailed Info

This is where you'll describe the specifics of the game's microtransactions. The description should be informative, not opinionated, aiming for as much objectivity as possible. There's no length requirement, so if your write-up is short but says what it needs to, that's great. Some questions you might ask yourself when writing:

  • Is my description straightforward enough that it can be understood by someone who's never played this game? It can be a bad idea to get too deep into minutiae that isn't easily understood by someone who hasn't played the game before. Sometimes, getting too detailed can make your write-up harder to parse and understand for someone who isn't intimately familiar with a game's labyrinth of currencies, reward systems, and microtransactions.
  • What is the most important/notable microtransaction? For instance, a mandatory subscription fee is more important than cosmetic DLC.
  • What are the microtransactions? Describe the flags you picked. If it's cosmetic DLC, is it skins, vehicles, etc.?
  • How do you pay for the microtransactions?
    • In game currency: If it takes a long time to unlock something this way, mention it.
    • Real money (or points bought with real money): If it's 1 item type, how much does it normally cost? If it's multiple, what's the price range? If possible, these prices should be listed in USD. If you can't access U.S. prices, go ahead and leave out the numbers for another user to fill in.
  • For those games whose crimes are especially heinous: If the game reaches prerelease Star Wars: Battlefront II badness, it can be tempting to tear it apart. Fortunately for us, you don't have to— people will understand when they read it takes 40 hours to unlock a character without dipping into microtransactions. Let their Sins speak for themselves.


Here, you can add links about the game and its microtransactions. You might want to add links to a page that goes into more detail about the items for sale or a video that covers the microtransactions in depth.

Why was my entry rejected?

  • Too subjective: Descriptions should be as objective as possible. We're a repository of consumer information, not a reviews site. Read more under Detailed Info.
  • Incorrect information: The entry may have contained information we couldn't verify. If you feel this was done in error, feel free to attach sources in the Links section.
  • Irrelevant information: Try to avoid talking about things external to the game other than in quick references to clarify something.
  • Illegible: We couldn't understand some or all of the written sections.
  • Abusive or discriminatory: We will not approve entries that include language we deem inappropriate. Repeated entries like this from the same IP will lead to a ban.
  • Spam: Entries containing advertisements or written to troll will eventually lead to a ban.