WarioWare Gold

WarioWare Gold

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Over 300 weirdo micro mini-games, including classics in addition to new ones, come to the 3DS.

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Batteries Not Included
Physical items in the real world can be used to cause changes in the game (e.g. Nintendo's "Amiibo"-figures)

Detailed Info

WarioWare Gold has a number of bonus features and minigames that can be unlocked at random using "coins" that are earned by playing the main game along with accomplishing various challenges and milestones. One such feature is “Wario’s amiibo Sketch”, which allows the player to tap up any three different amiibo figures per day. This creates various in-game "paintings" that are then immediately "sold" for a random amount of coins that can be used to unlock more items. Any amiibo can be used, but most amiibos of first-party Nintendo characters will reveal crudely drawn images of the character scanned. This does not affect the number of coins the player will earn.

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