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The sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, Rocket League is the second vehicular sports-action game developed by Psyonix.

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Expansive Expansions
Paid DLC reminiscent of traditional expansion packs. Actual content for actual money

Horse Armor
Minor DLC with no randomization involved. New items, equipment, abilities, etc.

It's Not Gambling, We Swear
Loot boxes with randomized contents, buyable with real money

Infinite Money Hole
No upper limit on in-game purchases

Changing The Game
Content with gameplay-altering effects, buyable with real money

Time Is Money
Game allows you to pay for speedy/instant access to things that can also be gotten through gameplay

But First, You'll Need A Contract
A game-specific paid subscription service

Table For One
Multiplayer contains additional monetization, but single player doesn't

Detailed Info

Rocket league sells some DLC packs directly, containing car bodies and other items like wheel skins and boost trails. All of these direct purchases are each either $2 or $4. Car bodies have slightly different hitboxes and handling, so while the difference is small, they are for the purposes of this website considered microtransactions that affect gameplay. Check the spreadsheet linked below for raw data.

The game also offers the opportunity to open in-game crates in a very similar fashion to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. These crates are earned through gameplay, but the keys needed to open them are not. The crates, keys, and the items inside the crates can all be traded freely with other players. Keys are sold in bundles of varying sizes, from $1.50 for a single key to $20 for 20 keys.

The game holds occasional time-limited events, where players can earn items called Decryptors. These function just like keys, except that they cannot be traded with other players.

The most recent update adds the Rocket Pass, a quasi-subscription system similar to Fortnite’s that allows subscribers to unlock more content.

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