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Roblox is a massively multiplayer online platform game, where players create, design, and play user-generated games.

Game information and image provided by the Giant Bomb Wiki

Free To Play
No up-front purchase required to begin playing

Horse Armor
Minor DLC with no randomization involved. New items, equipment, abilities, etc.

Infinite Money Hole
No upper limit on in-game purchases

But First, You'll Need A Contract
A game-specific paid subscription service

Detailed Info

There are three ranks of paid memberships which are required in order to create more than one game, play games with paid access (using in-game currency) and create groups.

There is an in-game currency that is required to purchase any avatar cosmetics, upload icons and thumbnails for your games or play games with paid access. The only way to earn this in-game currency is by purchasing it alone ($5-$200) or purchasing a membership which will allow you to earn a specific amount daily.

You can also find physical cards with scratch-off codes on the back ($10-$50) in multiple retail stores that you can then use to purchase a membership or in-game currency. You will also be rewarded with a cosmetic item when you redeem the code.

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